Evening all. 
With the season now kicked off – we can travel within the borders of our respective nations (please don’t remind me that Wales is on this day, Scotland is another day etc etc) – I think I’m allowed to have the general view that it’s beginning to open up. If you’ve been on Faceache over the last couple of days you will have noticed that a few people, including yours truly, have started ticking of the Carpe Diem locations. 

However, I’m conscious that it’s been a while since anything about this was published so it’s understandable that the details have perhaps slipped your mind. So here’s a quick update. Mike Smith very kindly created a list of 44 locations in England (it was decided to not complicate things by extending it to other nations at this time – covid and borders etc – you know what I mean – perhaps in 2022). So, visit the locations, earn points, anyone over 30 points earns a bottle of bubbly to be presented at the Xmas party on 4th Dec (details TBC).

All the files you need have been emailed out to you tonight (30/3/21) – description (which I’ve updated), an excel spreadsheet with a list and lat/long details of each location, a more detailed document with a summary of each location, and finally the .gpx file (which I can testify does work as I loaded it into MyRouteApp earlier today).

Now with regards to the “reporting” of your Carpe Diem activities, the following is a slight change and will help tally the points – once you’ve posted your visit (or visits) and photos on FB, can you email details of what you’ve visited and also your membership number to Mike Smith – michael.j.smith@btinternet.com – so that he can track all the points.

Think that’s it. Any questions please get back to me. Cheers, Bryan