Garry Smith - IT Support

Being a youngster in the Club my motorcycling days started in 1979 when I purchased an old Suzuki TS250 to get to work and for riding off road in Wales, it wasn’t long before the CDI unit packed in and a new one would have cost more than the bike was worth so I scrapped it, selling it for spares and had a brand-new Suzuki GSX250, they had just been released and apparently it was the fastest Four-Stroke 250, which mattered then.

I quickly passed my test on this and then had a Kawasaki Z650, as the eighties rolled on I had a number of different bikes, mainly Suzuki’s and Yamaha’s a couple of memorable and probably the favourites being a Suzuki GSX750 Katana and a Yamaha TDR250 which I thought was a great machine. 

As the children arrived the budget for  bikes became less and therefor bikes became fewer, but I always had something in the garage even if it was just to fix up and polish. 2004 I purchased a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer, lovely machine, kept it for 14 years. Now I ride a Honda CRF100 Africa Twin and I also have a Yamaha Niken GT which definitely divides opinion.

Through the eighties I used to tour both in the UK and on the continent but the arrival of children meant a break, so when we started thinking about touring on the bike again, I searched for a club and found the PEMC, that was in 2016 and we joined in the January of 2017. We have been on many turn ups and trips since and enjoyed them all.