Member benefits v2

Welcome to the PEMC website!

This summary explains how the club operates. We’d love you to join us, so if you’re interested, please click on “Join” in the menu

To help you get the most out of the club we publish online a monthly magazine called Lineswapper – this contains details of all
upcoming events as well as reports on the various activities of the previous month. Lineswapper will be emailed to you but you can
find it along with previous copies in the Members Section of our website.

For some events like midweek turn-ups you don’t need to book (just aim to arrive at the venue at around 12.00 noon for a bite and a natter) but for trips where catering or an overnight stay has been organised you will need to book through our online booking system via the website.

The PEMC website has both public and members-only sections. For the members’ section you will need to register a password and give your membership number, and through it you can book and pay for events, see who will be on the events, and lots more. As you scroll down the calendar section, you can click on an event listing to view the organiser’s write-up of what is involved to help you decide whether to book. Many club events quickly become fully subscribed so it is worthwhile, if you can, to check the events section frequently and book promptly.

For 2021/22 we will be trying out a new procedure that will reserve 5 places on each event for new members in their first year of membership:

  • if an event is due to open early, i.e. before the end of the current year, new members can book it in the traditional way by being quick on the draw when it opens, or
  • if the event you’d like to book for is already open for bookings when you join you should get straight on to the booking system and book your place. If you can’t, for whatever reason, book in the traditional way, you should email the Events Secretary who will allocate one of the 5 reserve places (if any are still available)

If you need help with any bookings just email or phone the Events Officer who will be happy to help you.

Please find below some useful information about how the club operates.

All club events are organised by members. Each booking will have a few pounds added to bolster club funds but, essentially, members pay cost price for club trips. Bearing in mind the quality of our events, this represents excellent value for money, which probably explains why they get booked up so quickly.

The coming year’s events are announced from late autumn/early in the New Year and more will be added during the year. All events are advertised in Lineswapper (the monthly online magazine) and will be shown on the Events Calendar on the website.

All members are encouraged to organise an event if they have the time and the inclination. Loads of help, from concept to detail, is available from Officers and others if you need it – just ask and we’l be happy to help! If you have any ideas for an event please contact the Chairman in the first instance.

Peter Ashdown Trophy
This is awarded to the member who has attended most events during the year. It is given in memory of Peter, a founder member of the club, and the ‘Ashdown Points’ league table is maintained on the website. The trophy is awarded at the Christmas Dinner & Dance by Martin Bartlett.

Using the same points basis, the highest scoring new member will receive the New Members Award with a £75 credit towards the following year’s events.

Robin Farmer Trophy
In memory of founder member Robin Farmer (member no. 2) this is awarded at the Cobweb Run (usually the first Sunday in January) to the member who rode the furthest distance on the day to attend the event.

Membership Lists
These are available in the members’ section of the website and we would ask you to respect the confidentiality of members’ private information.

Facebook –
Keep up to date with club events, enjoy photos of everything bike or club related and join in with debate and banter! Although we have a public Facebook page, there is also a ‘secret’ page for club members only. There will be some events that might only be advertised in this area so, if and when you join the club you’ll be given more details about how to get access to this “secret” Facebook page